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AGM & Christmas Party

& a lecture  by Dr Jasmine Day



In her groundbreaking study of the legend of "the mummy's curse", anthropologist Jasmine Day uncovers forgotten nineteenth-century fiction and poetry, revolutionises the study of mummy horror films and reveals the prejudices embedded in children’s toys. Original surveys conducted in museums around the world demonstrate the impact of media stereotypes of mummies upon museum visitors and their views about the ethics of displaying the dead. Jasmine Day shows how the meaning and structure of the curse legend changed over time, as public attitudes toward archaeology and the Middle East were transformed by events such as the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. By treating the curse as a cultural concept rather than a physical phenomenon, the truth behind the legend is finally revealed. Join us for a fascinating and visually spectacular presentation.


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Join the Friends for a short AGM a wonderful lecture by Dr Jasmine Day and some Christmas nibbles.