Pelagic Plastic III

A thought-provoking exhibition about the build-up of small scale plastic rubbish on Western Australia’s beaches and the wider issue of waste on the world’s oceans opens at the Museum of Geraldton this week.

On the Beach by artist Tim Pearn, documents a year in which Pearn collected more than 1,600 pieces of washed-up plastic while on his regular walks along just one beach in the State’s south.

Museum of Geraldton Regional Manager Leigh O’Brien said On the Beach is a fascinating exhibition that will be of interest to anyone who lives, works or spends any time in one of WA’s many coastal communities.

“Through beautiful photography and sculptural interventions featuring both pristine WA beaches and seductive, brightly coloured plastic, this exhibition draws attention to issues of environmental pollution, hazards to wildlife and a largely unseen accumulation of waste material that science tells us has significant implications for our ecosystems and ultimately ourselves,” Ms O’Brien said.

The exhibition features photography, videography and an installation of 40 packages of plastic waste collected by Pearn during 40 walks along the beach.

On the Beach opens this Thursday with a special public program of discussions called Art and Science: Plastic – On the Beach. Exhibition artist and curator Tim Pearn will be joined by environmental scientist Sara Hajbane, and writer, artist and curator Dr Ric Spencer to discuss the intersections of art and science through water-borne waste from 10am till 11.30am.

The exhibition coincides with National Recycling Week and is complimented by a current Museum exhibition called Little Footprint, Big Future which explores how the choices people make in their everyday lives can have a positive impact on the environment. On the Beach opens at the Museum on Thursday, 16 November and will be on display until 4 March 2018.


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