Securing the foundations

News | Created 29 Nov 2017

A construction site with a large hole in the ground revealing concrete poles

The New Museum building is starting to take shape and the first concrete slab expected to be poured in early 2018. In preparation for this work, Multiplex and its subcontractors are drilling pilings to support and stabilise the new building. 

This auger (pictured) is drilling the 315 holes, each up to 32 metres deep, before concrete and reinforced steel mesh is inserted. The pilings are then levelled and a pile cap poured over to tie them together.  This methodology distributes the weight load of the new building over a much greater surface area. 

construction site, a large truck in the foreground and a very tall large drill

Auger drill at the New Museum site
Image copyright Multiplex 

Ready mixed concrete is being supplied by local company Hanson. Its trucks have been making their way from the depot in East Perth to the Perth site over the past few months. Almost 3,000 cubic metres of concrete has been delivered to date –enough to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool plus a bit more!

Work to underpin the heritage buildings has also taken place. This involves injecting grout into their foundations to increase stability and ensure the longevity of these important buildings. 

Construction site with a large mound of dirt

Site works at the New Museum
Image copyright Multiplex 

Feature Image
Concrete pilings at New Museum site. 
Image courtesy of Multiplex