Objects inspire learning for all ages

Article | Updated 3 weeks ago

Image courtesy of Amana Living

Trish McDonald, New Museum Project Director, was delighted to participate in a WA arts festival designed specifically for seniors. The six-week Amana Living Arts festival is designed to highlight benefits of culture and the arts on health and wellbeing, and encourage residents to engage with artistic practice and collections.

Trish met with Amana Living residents in three different locations around Perth to talk about the New Museum Project and showcase objects from the State Collection.

The residents were delighted with the progress of the New Museum and the themes of the new exhibitions.  They were particularly impressed with the objects from the collection and the opportunity to touch items like a whale vertebra, dinosaur fossils, a maritime astrolabe, an old iron and insects in resin.

Image courtesy of Amana Living

Getting up close and touching objects can be really important in understanding an object or story and sparking memories. Often it’s not possible to touch collection objects so we use a range of different ways, including hands-on collections, replica artefacts or tactile materials that can inspire people to find out more about a story.

There will be many opportunities for people of all ages to have fun and learn in the New Museum. We are designing the Museum to include spaces and programs that can cater for all age groups – from very young children and their families, to school groups through to seniors.  We have a strong focus on learning for life and creating opportunities for everyone to engage with the Museum. 

Image courtesy of Amana Living.

The Amana Living Arts Festival was held from 21 February – 25 March 2018.