Q&A Fact Sheet

What is the budget for the project?
Approximately (AUD) $428 million.

Who is funding the project?
The New Museum is a major project for the State Government of Western Australia and significant funding has been committed in the State budget forward estimates.

Where will it be built?
The New Museum will be built in the Perth Cultural Centre on the existing WA Museum site, with a new building integrating with the existing heritage buildings.

When will the New Museum be open?
The expected opening date is in 2020.

When will the building construction start?
Early works may start in the second half of 2016.

How can I get involved?
You can have your say on the Museum website, sign up to our regular newsletters and contribute to our stories and at the Museum and online.

Why do we need a New Museum?
The Museum’s main buildings in Perth are showing their age and our State Government recognises the importance of developing cultural infrastructure, both for the benefit of Western Australians and to attract investors, employers, workers and visitors. The New Museum project will provide better physical, sensory and intellectual access for all Western Australians and new opportunities to explore past, present and future of this great State.

Who is managing the project?
The New Museum team comprises the Department of Culture and the Arts, Western Australian Museum and is led by the Department of Treasury, Strategic Projects and Asset Sales.

How big will it be?
The New Museum will be up to 22-23,000m2 comprising of a new building, refurbished existing heritage buildings and public space.

Can I make a cash contribution?
​Yes! Although the Government is providing funds to build the Museum, we are seeking to build  an endowment which will help fund the exhibitions, activities and research that will ensure that the Museum remains exciting, relevant and vital for many years to come. Please visit the Support us page on this site or contact the Western Australian Museum Foundation.

How can I find out more?
This website is updated regularly with project information.  You can also register to receive updates and information through the Your Say section of this site or join us on Facebook, Twitter of Instagram. 

Keep in touch:
Email - newmuseum@museum.wa.gov.au
Facebook - /wamuseum
Twitter - @wamuseum
Instagram - /wamuseum

Location of the New Museum 

The New Museum will be developed in the heart of the Perth Cultural Centre on the corner of James and Francis Streets, Northbridge.   The current  Museum is still open. Find out What's On today! 

Western Australian Museum - Perth Map