FrogID – Australia’s First National Frog Identification Program

Use your phone to become a backyard scientist and help conserve our frog populations.

Caption: Moaning Frog (scientific name – Heleioporus eyrei).
“Moaners” are a south-western Australian endemic species, occurring near the coast from Geraldton, Perth and to Cape Arid. They were formerly more common on the Swan Coastal Plain but development has modified drainage patterns in autumn which has impacted their breeding habits. The call is a long loud rising moan.

Image copyright Ryan Ellis/WA Museum

Australia’s first national frog count is underway and everyone can join in to help save one of the most threatened groups of animals on Earth.

FrogID is a free smart phone app that lets you document the occurrence of frogs in your local neighbourhood, when you’re in the bush, or really anywhere in Australia!

If you hear a frog calling, simply open up the app and record the frog. You’ll then be presented with a list of likely species which you can then choose – or just send your frog call in. Your location is captured and sent with the frog call to the FrogID team for verifying. It’s as easy as that!

Not only will you learn more about your local area, but you will let scientists know the who’s, where’s and when’s of native frogs to help frog conservation efforts.

FrogID is available for iOS and Android devices. For more information visit the FrogID website.

FrogID is a partnership between the Australian Museum and Western Australian Museum.

The app was developed by IBM in consultation with the Australian Museum, led by frog expert Dr Jodi Rowley. Dr Paul Doughty of the WA Museum is the western expert on frog IDs.

Image courtesy Australian Museum